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8 Warning Signs Which Show You Need New Tires

With our busy lives and complicated schedule, who has the time to thoroughly inspect the tires of their car to see if they need to be replaced? Tires play a very crucial role in the safety and performance of the car. Tires carry the load of the vehicle and excess use of the vehicle causes the tires to be worn out. These worn-out tires can cause you to lose control of the car and accidents are likely to happen. So, we have some signs for you to find out if your tires need to be replaced:

  1. Tread Depth: It is a vertical measure from the top of the tire rubber to the bottom of the deepest parts of the tire. As you drive your vehicle, the tread that causes traction wears down. These tires become less effective and can cause severe damage.

Coin Test:

The tread on your tires should never go below 1/16 inches (1.6 mm) in depth. If you drive regularly in loose, wet areas, you are better off getting twice as much. There is a simple trick that will give you a hint of ​​how much you have left to step on and it will not cost you more than a penny. It uses a penny. Take Lincoln’s head penny and put Abe’s head (head down) on the tread. If the whole of Lincoln’s head is always visible, you don’t have enough footing. Time to buy new tires!

  1. Bulging: This occurs when tires have an impact on the pit or corner of the road. Due to this air can flow between the inner layers of the tire causing bubbles to be formed. They can either be found on sides of the tires or treads. If you find these bubbles, replace the tires immediately.
  2. Vibration: A certain amount of vibration is unavoidable while driving, especially on poorly paved roads, but if you have been driving for a while, you probably know how much vibration feels right and how much vibration feels wrong. If you feel more vibrations it means that something is wrong. There could be any number of causes of vibration – maybe your tires are badly aligned or uneven. But it may also indicate that there is an internal problem with the tire itself. Although the tire is not the cause of the vibration, vibration can damage the tire and you will soon have a problem. So if your car has a serious case of vibrations, especially if you see this when you are driving on smooth roads, take it to a mechanic immediately for an inspection. An excess of vibration is quite often a sign that something isn’t right.
  3. Falling air pressure: If your tire loses air pressure. That could be a sign of a small leak. You can have it patched up or replace it with a new one.
  4. Weathering: As we know tires are always exposed to heat, cold and wet surfaces. Rubber is a material that eventually breaks down over some time. If you see cracks on your tires have them replaced at the earliest.
  5. Old tires: If you have a car for a long time and the tires haven’t been changed. It’s time to replace them. Because most car manufacturers recommend changing your tires every six years while tire manufacturers recommend a new set every ten years.
  6. Uneven tire tread wear: After some time the tread on the tires tend to wear off at different rates. Sometimes, the tire parts look perfectly fine while other parts are worn down to the cords.
  7. Driving on a spare tire: When you get a flat tire using a spare tire for fixing the flat one. However, if you drive on a spare tire for a long time it causes uneven wear to occur on the tread. Treadwear on other tires can make them replaceable.

If you notice any of these signs then it is probably time to replace your old tyres. This is even true when you are a commercial driver as the car tyres take more damage in the rough and heavy-duty driving. If you are looking for commercial light truck tyres, you can visit Dunlop Commercial Tyres to buy online.

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