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Magento 2: Let The eCommerce Solution Tell You Why The Future is All About Magento Development Services

The future awaits you, and the future is digital. This means that even companies that haven’t caught up yet in the digital transformation race will have to join in at some point. It also means that every company will have to decide which platform to choose when creating their first eCommerce web store and stepping into a brand new revenue stream. There are so many options available in the market nowadays. This includes Shopify, WooCommerce, Odor, BigCommerce, and Volusia. Then why are we saying that the future is Magento? Why should you choose Magento development services instead of opting for other solutions?

Sit back and relax as we answer these questions and discuss and dissect the most talked about eCommerce platform in the world. The platform known for being powerful, and having a huge community of developers and businessmen constantly learning from each other, is the only thing you need for your company’s bright future. 

Why you should choose Magento development services for building your eCommerce website


What is the single most important factor that should be the crux of your decision of which development platform to choose? That’s right. It should be the performance of your development platform. This is because even if you choose a platform that has the best of everything else but it is poor in performance, it cannot take your business to greater heights of success. Customers do not come back to a website that takes ages to load and shows errors time and again.

Magento 2 currently has the lowest HTTP requests when compared to other eCommerce development solutions and services available in the market. This greatly reduces the page loading time. It also uses the Varnish cache to provide full page caching of your eCommerce stores which further increases the page loading speed. Finally, Magento 2 also has an indexer that regularly updates the catalog, product, price, store, and user data which speeds up the performance of any queries sent via search.


The power and capability of your eCommerce platform is of utmost importance. Whether your website can scale and hold however many products you have in your portfolio ultimately depends on the capability and strength of your platform. Do you have millions of products in your product portfolio? Even if you don’t, do you aim to get there someday? Magento 2 is known for being the most powerful of platforms. It can process nearly 40% more orders than its predecessor, Magento 1, and load 50% faster than it. This means Magento development services can help you handle your huge inventory and orders, manage multiple payment gateways, and much more. Besides being powerful, Magento is also highly scalable and can facilitate you in handling multiple orders and large amounts of traffic at one time.


Among the other powerful and cutting-edge features offered by Magento development services, cross-selling and upselling are features that are built into the system and may be used to enhance your customer’s user experience. Other built-in features that help persuade your customer to purchase more and help make potential traffic into conversions are price countdown, coupons and gifts, promotional offers, and stock availability. In order to increase your orders, Magento facilitates you by allowing you to add coupons and rich media including images and videos along with your checkout cart in order to minimize cart abandonment.


We were talking about the future being digital. This means more and more shopping is done on smartphones as people start relying on them for everything. This makes it even more important to have a mobile-friendly responsive eCommerce website for your business. Magento 2 is one of the most responsive and mobile-friendly eCommerce development solutions. It allows you to let your customers order from your website and checkout using various devices seamlessly. Magento has an easy to use admin panel that lets you manage your catalog, products, orders, and other details, and also navigate them without any resolution issues. This means Magento ensures that your website is responsive both ways, whether it is you having to manage your business on the go or your customers having to order from various devices.


What is the biggest challenge for any eCommerce business? You want your stores to be secure and you want your customers to be able to trust you. Magento development services provides next-level security with regular updates and security patches. Magento 2 uses SSL protocols and PCI standards to secure their web pages and ensure the privacy of your customers’ data. It also lets you customize security permissions such as two-factor authentication, login CAPTCHA, and strong passwords to be able to add extra security layers to your Magento store.


When you have a business that you want to take online, you want to dream big and that dream keeps getting bigger and bigger. This means you want your products to be able to reach a larger audience. This is made easier with Magento 2 offering easy and seamless integration with marketplaces like eBay and Amazon so that you can extend your reach with only a matter of a few clicks. With these quick integrations, you can easily list your catalog and products on these marketplaces and manage the selling and transactions from your own platform.


Magento 2 is the only platform that is built with an SEO perspective. It facilitates you in having and maintaining an optimized website with built-in advanced SEO features like customizable sitemaps, Robot.txt files, optimized URLs, Meta tags and Meta descriptions, bitcoin to naira rich snippets and text, and much more. This is why Magento 2 is known to take your eCommerce website to the top ten Google search rankings with minimum effort on your part.


With nearly 350,000 developers and more than 250,000 stores in the world, Magento knows how to show its presence and importance. An open-source eCommerce platform with a huge community of developers and enthusiasts alike, Magento community support is like no other. If you are ever stuck in any problem or facing any challenge with any complex requirement or functionality, there is always someone to guide you through and help you solve your issues. Moreover, Magento has an extensive library of ready-made extensions that may already have the answer to your problems and let you add functionality and features to your eCommerce store.

Did that explain it? This was only the tip of the iceberg. Magento is so much bigger than all of these advantages combined. It is a revolution in the eCommerce development industry. This is why the future is all about Magento and the sooner you opt for Magento development services, the sooner your business will benefit from it.

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