It should come as no surprise that the typical web user does not have any patience. That is not to say that they are being rude, it is simply that the internet has trained us to expect the best results with the right information you are looking for, all within a matter of seconds. Chances are that if

your website design does not hit some initial triggers with your visitors then they will simply leave your website and go for the next one down the search engine results. Most internet experts agree that you only have a very short window of a few seconds to win over new and unique visitors to your website. This phenomenon is called bounce rate. This article is all about the 5 things every visitor to your website needs to see in your web design to reduce your bounce rate.

The title of the webpage: This can be either the name of your company or the product that the company is selling. Regardless of why you have created a website, the truth is, if people are not instantly given the purpose of your website they will leave to find another website design that puts this kind of information in an easy to reach and understand place. This tip is given by experts on Website design company Coffs Harbour.

An easy-to-find and understand navigation system: Depending on the purpose of your website the expectations will change. If you have a professional business website then your design will probably be more simple and straightforward. If your website is to showcase local artwork then chances are you will have more freedom to be creative with your website design. Regardless of why your website has been created, and easy to find and understand navigation is a must. You don’t always have to have the classic, navigation system on top, but your visitors must be able how to find the information they are seeking on your website. You can seek help with a website design from web design Coffs Harbour where you will be served by experts

The human touch: People will only do business with companies or other people they can trust. Your personality has to be present on your website. It is also best to have some kind of human pictures on your website design. Think if you were going to work with a law firm. Would

you be more drawn towards a cold faceless organization or one that has a full team of staff smiling back at you? This gives the clients approaching your website confidence, experts from web site design Coffs harbor advice.

A way to contact you or your company: This is so simple and yet it is forgotten all too often. For your web design to be as successful as possible you need to let your visitors have a way to contact you. This doesn’t mean that you have to post your phone number out there for everyone to have access to. It does however mean that you need to encourage conversation and let those who wish to speak with you know your preferred method of communication. You can get website designs from web design in Coffs harbor that will work in your favor.

A way back to your homepage: Chances are that the homepage of your website will be the most important of all your pages. The most crucial information can be accessed here. Not only that but people are just naturally inclined to find the homepage first and then browse the rest of your web design from there. Make sure you have a home tab in your navigation system. If you have a logo make sure that whenever that logo appears in web design that it is clickable and leads users back to your homepage.

These are all basic aspects that can be effectively applied to almost any website. If you properly utilize these tactics, along with a deeper understanding of website design, then you should start to see a positive change in the performance of your website.