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Top 15 Growth hacking agencies and how to choose one

Growth hacking is a new field that focuses only on Growth and is based on data and experimentation.

The following are the essential points of Growth Hacking:

1. Demonstrated ROI.

2. Low price.

3. Limited resources.

What exactly do Growth Hackers do?

1. A Growth Hacker conducts experiments using his technological abilities, accessible data, and other resources.

2. Observe the approach that aids in Growth and improves future Growth.

Growth hacking agency measure, analyse, test, compare, refine, and repeat to achieve their aim. A growth hacking agency and its hackers must have creative brains, be logical, and be excellent critical thinkers.

Growth hacking aims to get as many clients as possible with as little money as possible.

Though many companies dissolved as they couldn’t live up to their purpose.

But still, there are a lot of companies who stood against the time and encountered all ups and downs and are thriving now.

So, the top 15 Growth hacking agencies are:

  • Voxturr
  • Growth Hackers
  • Growth Girls
  • Gro teams
  • Marketing Masala
  • Growth Agency
  • Right side up
  • No good
  • unmuted
  • Inbound labs
  • Kickass Growth
  • Rockboost
  • Off the Record
  • Growthminds
  • Spike
  • Voxturr:

Voxturr, The growth hacking agency established in 2018 and Located in San Fransisco, USA, comprises professionals and experts with a wide variety of backgrounds and specialists from a wide range of disciplines. It is a growth agency that works with startups, SMBs, and businesses.

Voxturr has successfully partnered with many different firms, writing case studies for some of them and combining out-of-the-box and tailor-made solutions, data-driven methods, and established processes.

Marketplace and eCommerce Marketing, B2B lead generation, SaaS product marketing, and marketing automation are some of the things they do best.

  • Growth Hackers:

This Asian-based agency conducts A/B tests, tries with acquisition methods, and merges many various digital marketing branches using the power of -what else- growth hacking.

Growth Hackers provide SEO and content marketing services, accelerator and investment consultancy, startup mentorship, App Search Optimization, PR, and branding services in this manner.

  • Growth Girls:

GrowthGirls is a female organisation that values diversity and seeks to empower women and their companies. And it accomplishes this through the services and growth/marketing training it offers.

Growthgirls provides digital marketing services to startups, international corporations, and various sectors. As a result, they’ve collaborated with companies including Oh app, Sundance Film Festival, and Lana Bank.

  • Gro. Teams:

Gro. Teams are London based Growth Hacking agency; the organisation allows you to work on particular services such as SEO, CRO, and PPC.

The growth marketing firm works with both startups and established enterprises.

  • Marketing Masala:

Marketing Masala is an Indian agency, yet its customers come from worldwide.

A 350% ROI boost in 90 days is their case study for an eCommerce website. In two added examples, they could lower the CPL for a travel firm by 50% and the cost per install for a specific app by 80%.

  • Growth Agency:

The growth agency operates globally and has three offices in Europe, namely Belgium, Malta, and the United Kingdom.

Content marketing, Facebook advertising, inbound marketing, lead generation, performance marketing, and SEO are all standard marketing services provided by Growth Agency.

  • Right side up

Their growth services are divided into digital marketing, offline marketing, and eCommerce marketing.

The first group includes three types of marketing: performance, lifecycle, and eCommerce. The second area, offline marketing, is devoted to assisting firms in expanding offline via podcasts, radio, and even television. The last category is for people who want to get discovered on Amazon or help set up and run Shopify, BigCommerce, or any other DTC platform.

  • No good

Nogood is a growth marketing agency run by marketing technologists and growth hackers. Among its clients are IBM, P&G, American Express, Heineken, Southern Marsh, Harver, Ford, and Workzone.

  • unmuted

Unmuted is an Amsterdam-based B2B Growth Marketing business that assists creative companies in establishing the marketing processes required to convey their proposal to their potential clients before, during and after-sales interaction.

They name their service the ‘Growth Program,’ It is a pre-defined monthly retainer for businesses that require structural marketing and growth assistance. 

  • Inbound labs

Over 200 companies from over 20 countries have trusted this San Francisco-based organisation. Inbound Lands specialises in CRO and, well, inbound.

Inbound Labs focuses on assisting businesses in growing, and they have done it for over 200 firms in over 20 countries.

  • Kickass Growth

Kickass Growth offers comprehensive digital marketing services. SEO, content marketing, paid advertising, email marketing, and social media marketing are examples of these services.

Kickass Growth was formed by entrepreneurs who began as mentors and teachers in domestic hubs and accelerators.

  • Rockboost

In addition to its growth hacking services, Rockboost provides in-house training and workshops, not just for professionals but also for students. Finally, Rockboost may provide unique software solutions.

Rockboost, based in The Hague, NL, has been providing growth hacking services for the past six years.

  • Off the Record

Amsterdam-based growth marketing agency. Off the Record works with initiatives of all sizes, from ambitious startups to well-known scale-ups and creative corporate projects.

The organisation also provides an in-house growth workshop for anyone wishing to develop a development mindset and discover more about growth processes and tools.

  • Growthmind

GrowthMinds, based in London, was founded by company founders with four exits under their belts to assist entrepreneurs in overcoming adversity piled against startup success and making Growth more predictable.

  • Spike

Spike, the growth marketing agency based in Amsterdam established in 2017, has been assisting entrepreneurs in raising funds through crowdfunding. The agency’s services include content marketing tactics, viral marketing solutions, public relations, and influencer marketing.

 Here is more information about it apps. If you want to learn more then Imginn app visit here.

Spike also has its own Facebook group and Slack channel.

The essential tip for selecting the best Growth marketing agency is

  • Transparency and Value.
  • It doesn’t matter what size you are.
  • You require more than a case study.
  • The price isn’t everything.
  • Take note of the agency’s marketing efforts.

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