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Advocacy marketing: definition and examples

But what exactly is it? Advocacy marketing is when a company uses its customers to generate virility. This technique relies mainly on digital platforms such as social networks. Indeed, the goal is to mention as many people as possible. Ultimately, structures using this method seek to develop positive electronic word-of-mouth. The brands then seek to transform the good feedback from these customers into real advertising posters for the members of their entourage.

In short, what are the main advantages of this marketing method?

  • Its financial accessibility: most of the time, it is even free for brands
  • The ratio of time invested / potential gains: much cheaper than advertising, and with more tangible results than any other communication operation
  • Raising brand awareness: It goes without saying that advocacy marketing helps improve your brand image online

How to set up an advocacy marketing strategy?

Every member of a business enterprise must consider that the customer is king. Indeed, if he feels a good quality of service, he will be tempted to talk about the best ghostwriter to those around him. To tell the truth, this desire to share falls within the domain of spontaneous word-of-mouth.

Optimize your customer experience

To encourage customers to talk about a brand, you have to have something original to tell. First of all, it goes through a service/product of optimal quality. Then, a good customer experience involves marketing efforts on different aspects, such as:

  • The creation of a one-of-a-kind storytelling
  • Impeccable service, both before, during, and after the act of purchase

Target potential brand ambassadors

Knowing your most loyal users is the basis of advocacy marketing. To do this, there are a few methods to try to identify which customers feel the most invested in your brand. Here are some examples:

  • Net Promoter Score: carry out satisfaction surveys (when they are well used )
  • Reward loyalty: set up reward programs for the most loyal customers
  • User-generated content (UGC): for example, the organization of contests in participatory marketing campaigns

Facility advocacy marketing

Satisfied customers fall into two categories. On the one hand, we find those who will spontaneously talk about the brand. On the other, people remain to be convinced. The goal is therefore to facilitate online communication for your customers. Here are some ideas to achieve this:

  • Include share buttons on your website
  • Prepare ready-made content that clients can share on their social networks
  • Create a branded hashtag (see Starbucks example with #tweet coffee )

Reward positive word-of-mouth

Finally, worthy advocacy marketing also includes rewards for your “champions”. This includes both loyal customers and prospects brought by customers. Here are some examples of measures to take:

  • Offer a 20% discount on the next order on the condition of suggesting the company to one or more friends
  • Send discount codes to entice customers to re-order on the online platform

Three examples for using advocacy marketing well

Enough theoretical explanations, we present three recognized cases of good use of advocacy marketing. Three American companies have distinguished themselves in this area: Starbucks, Tesla, and Apple.

Starbucks: the good use of social networks

First, let’s start with the case of Starbucks. The company ran a campaign called #tweet coffee, including $5 gift cards to share with friends. The principle is simple: tweet a photo of their coffee in exchange for this voucher. The initiative did not prove to be profitable ($180,000 collected at the end of the operation). But in truth, the real return on investment is targeting Starbucks’ “best” customers.

Tesla’s awesome discounts

Tesla has shifted gears in its advocacy marketing campaigns. Indeed, its discounts are simply incredible! We are talking here about discounts of 1,000 dollars for any new order: for the customer, but also for the prospect that he associates with the brand.

But it does not stop there, any customer recommending Medical Ghostwriting Services to 10 people became a priority for the purchase of a Model X SUV. This sponsorship program has the ability to continually surprise Tesla’s loyal customers. Rewards then ranged from brand-new Roadsters to tours of Space offices.

Le concourse « Shot on iPhone » dapple

Finally, let’s take the example of Apple. It’s global “Shot on iPhone” campaign had the desired effect. Taken over by thousands of users around the world, Apple has been selective. She retained only 77 shots to complete her marketing campaign. The principle is accessible to everyone: take a photo of yourself, with little editing, to show the power of Apple cameras.

Thus, by appearing more natural, the photos allow everyone to identify with his shots. Once again, Apple is a pioneer in terms of marketing operations!

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