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Essential Septic System Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Septic system maintenance is crucial for comfortable living. Every homeowner should make sure that their septic tanks are clean and pumps are working efficiently. Any issue in the septic system can cause great discomfort for homeowners and even the entire neighborhood. 

It is essential to maintain a steady septic maintenance schedule to ensure that the system is working efficiently. Here are some professionally approved tips that can help you attain a good septic system. 

  1. Regularly Inspect The Tank And Pumps

Inspecting the tank regularly is an integral part of the maintenance routine. Make sure that you regularly inspect the septic tank and ensure that the septic pump is working efficiently. 

Regular inspections do not mean that you should open the tank every day to see what’s going on in there. You should make sure that the ground around the tank is not wet all the time and that you do not smell any bad odor around the area. Moreover, open the system every 1 to 3 years and clean thoroughly to avoid system failure. 

  1. Dispose Of Solid Waste Wisely

Non-biodegradable waste is one of the major reasons why the septic system fails. Make sure that you are not throwing solid waste, mainly plastic, into the drain pipes. Plastic does not decompose and it can cause a major septic system failure. 

When the solid waste enters the septic tank and the microbiome inside the tank is unable to digest or break down the waste, it will clog the drains and cause massive damage to your entire septic system.

  1. Maintain Plumbing System

You should adopt water conservation strategies in your home to avoid wastage of water and unnecessary load on the septic pump. Make sure that your plumbing system is well maintained. 

You should repair your faucets, plumbing pipes, and fixtures by hiring professional plumbing services. Your plumber should make sure that there are no clogged drains or pipes that can lead to leakage or burden the septic system. 

  1. Clean The Drainfield

Make sure that the drain field is clean and well-maintained. You should clear all the vegetation near the septic tank. Trees, shrubs, and even weed growth can damage the structural aspects of the septic tank.

Roots of the plants can break the cement septic tank and cause leakage. This can cause a huge problem for the homeowners. Therefore, make sure that there is no vegetation near the drainfield. 

  1. Avoid the Use Of Chemicals

Most homeowners make the mistake of cleaning the drains using toxic and strong chemicals, mostly acids. While it may look like the chemical additives are cleaning the drain, however, they might kill all the bacteria present in the septic system. 

The presence of bacteria is essential for the degradation of the biological matter entering the septic system. Instead, use special cleaning pods made specifically for septic tanks. 

  1. Encourage Everyone To Participate 

Lastly, make sure that you encourage every member of your family to participate in the septic system maintenance. Educate your kids and house help to refrain from throwing non-degradable solid waste and harmful chemicals in the drain. 

Moreover, make sure that every member of the family knows the emergency protocol of swiftly turning off the emergency valve in case of overflows and calling a plumber. 

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