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What are Some Basic Methods of Providing Teacher Training Online? 


While there are different teaching methods, most traditional approaches utilized in class may be implemented equally efficiently digitally through teacher training online. However, depending on the teaching philosophy, objectives, subject area, and classroom demographics, the teaching technique used will alter.

Methods of Providing Teacher Training Online:


One of the most prevalent techniques of online education, just as in the physical classroom, is to use presentations. This method has a greater impact on teachers – the majority of whom are visual learners – than merely conveying information from manuals. Professionals may learn how to deliver successful and compelling presentations for students through teacher training online. 

Most significantly, presentations allow you to include visuals (pictures, GIFs, movies, etc.) into your presentation, making it simpler to give and absorb complicated information and data while also increasing the lesson’s engagement. You may also share your presentation with the students for review and learning after the lecture.

Online Whiteboard

Online whiteboards have become a popular way for professors and students to electronically replicate the in-person classroom experience. They include an endless canvas, shape libraries for making various diagrams and charts, pre-made templates, drawing, typing, and image import options, among other things.

Unlike traditional whiteboards, they also allow you to digitize the information you write, allowing you to re-share and refer to it afterward.

Live Online Classes

Even if we are not in the same position as our students, but technology has made it simple to offer lectures online, recreating many of the characteristics of face-to-face contact. Teachers can learn how to conduct live online classes through online training.

You may connect and interact with students all around the world using video conferencing technologies to give lectures. You may make the classes even more interesting by using an online whiteboard.

Pre-Recorded Video Lectures   

Pre-recorded lectures have the advantage over live lectures in that they allow students to study at their own speed at any time without having to wait for the teacher. It also provides content for them to review during revision. On the other side, the teacher or instructor can use the recordings to avoid repeating himself or herself in multiple classes.

Flipped Classroom 

In recent years, the flipped classroom has become one of the most popular teaching strategies in education. It involves a strategy that is diametrically opposed to the traditional classroom format: Learners can review the classroom material prior to the actual lesson, thereby freeing up actual in-class time for teacher-guided activities such as debates, problem-solving, in-depth discussions, quizzes, and so on.

In the flipped classroom paradigm, videos have become an essential component. While many teachers make their own films, others use movies made by other teachers. These may be shared among students via video-sharing services like YouTube.

Game-Based Teaching 

Game-based learning is a popular strategy for increasing student engagement and retention. This method reduces student fear and increases participation, which is very useful for teaching complicated ideas. It also allows weaker pupils to strengthen their skills by actively interacting with their classmates.

Online teacher training may assist professionals in better understanding students’ mindsets and developing games based on that knowledge.

Games also aid online education by bridging the gap between face-to-face and online learning interactions.

Class Blog 

A blog may be an excellent location for students to share their knowledge through in-depth posts. Individually or in groups, students can work on blog postings. It’s a terrific way to help students develop their research abilities while also encouraging them to try self-learning. The blog can also be used by the instructor to disseminate lesson-related learning materials.

Live Chatting 

Another wonderful technique to simulate real-time discussions in the classroom is to use live chatting. Students and teachers may connect and collaborate on classes using platforms like Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and others. The conversation will give students with knowledge that they may use to prepare for examinations or assignments.

Set explicit criteria to guarantee that all students have an equal opportunity to express themselves and ask questions.

Discussion Boards and Forums

These tools allow students to communicate what they have learned or what they wish to learn more about with other students and the teacher in the classroom.

You may have separate discussion boards for each class topic to keep things more organized. You may simply make one with an online visual workspace like Creately and share it with all students using a single public edit link that allows everyone to update it at the same time.


Because of the global impact of pandemics, online education has become a must for students to study and professors to teach. Teachers’ pedagogy and online teaching approaches are a lifesaver in the sphere of education. A teacher training online process provides teachers with a variety of teaching approaches to enable the learners staying active in classes. 

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