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World’s Tallest Horse Mascots in Blue World City Details


Blue World City as an investment is known to be a highly splendid and incredible opportunity and venture in Pakistan. Therefore, there got to be some reasons. Well, every department of a fine and splendid lifestyle is ticked and provided in this society. Moreover, considering the highly incredible experience of the Developers (BGC), it is no surprise that Blue World City will also be no less than excellent. Furthermore, every impeccable facet, facility, and feature is available to investors.

To put it in a nutshell, Blue World City Islamabad is a perfect example of a modern and smart lifestyle. Talking about the magnificent scenery and infrastructure, among others, the presence of the world’s tallest horse mascots is a sight to watch out for.

Blue World City Investment

One of the biggest housing societies in Pakistan, Blue World City Islamabad, is everything of the finest of services possible to investors. Something that they have never seen before. Furthermore, it is also the reason it’s why it’s a prime, modern and smart lifestyle is expected from it. Apart from other incredible things combined in Blue World City, here are some of the reasons regarding horse mascots that make Bleu World City – a fine investment.

Horse Mascots at Blue World City

125 feet up from the ground and being night lit will be one of the most impeccable sights to see in Islamabad. Precisely because of Horse Mascots. These are the replicas of another major tourist attraction in Scotland called ‘Kelpies’ – which had lured people from across the globe to come and see its magnificence.

But does Horse Mascot differ from Kelpies?

Well, not only are they giant in height (almost 30 meters tall) but their beauty, intricacies in the manufacturing, and overall scenery bring a charm to the visitor’s eye. Horse Mascots are all about near perfection, thus, implementing the overall image of what else one can expect from Blue World City as an investment.

Unique Facets & Features

Blue World Islamabad is Pakistan’s first purpose-built city, therefore, nothing except perfection is expected. Furthermore, here are some of the incredible, surprising, and promising facets of the Horse Mascots in Blue World City Islamabad, making it one of the top developments of the venture;

Tallest Construction

It is THE TALLEST horse mascot (125 feet ground up) in the world. Now, that is no less than any achievement. Moreover, no other housing venture in the world, let alone in Pakistan, has managed to achieve what Blue World City has delivered. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Shopping Centers

To enhance the beauty, sight, and overall image of the Tallest Horse Mascots, there is an availability of shopping centers. Giving another reason how and why people should come and spend a great deal of time soaking in the great beauty of the Horse Mascots.

Second Cup Coffee

On the topic of having multiple reasons why Horse Mascots in Blue World City is the best place to visit, the presence of Second Cup Coffee just adds a whole lot more. Therefore, the developers of BWC have made it way easier and more fun for all visitors to have pleasure with their friends and family while visiting the place.


Think of a perfect blend of entertainment and a great view, well, that’s exactly what the Blue World City Islamabad provides with its tallest Horse Mascots replicas.  There are multiple restaurants via which one can visit the place, have a nice meal with friends and family along with enjoying the very beauty of the scenery.

Art Gallery

Another major facet of Horse Mascots is the exceptional art gallery. This sums it all up in the most magnificent way possible. Furthermore, an investor coming to see the enchanting beauty of the horse mascots will be met with restaurants, art galleries, and shopping centres along with the best view possible. Wouldn’t that be the perfect tourist trip? Well, sure yes!


Horse Mascots along with other giant and impeccable spots in BWC will attract a flood of tourists considering its beauty and scenery. Moreover, it will also give a proper and wholesome experience of tourism. In addition, the developers of the society, Blue World City, have tried their best to give an encapsulated experience, thus, raising the bar of living standards.

Development Status

Let’s shed a bit of light on what’s the status of the development of the incredible and giant Horse mascots. Well, the development and construction are just bout to get completed and will be ready for consumers, investors, and visitors in no time. Therefore, it is pleasant news for all the masses.


Which housing is better than Blue World City to provide a perfect and magnificent tourist spot? Furthermore, the incredible Horse Mascots is just one fine example. In addition, it is also advisable to pay a visit and soak in the beauty of the giant and enchanting Horse Mascots and have a good time. For further information, updates, and queries, do connect with the most skilled Estate Land Marketing, your one-stop-shop for all real estate matters.

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