The Rise of Fantasy Cricket in India

The game of cricket originated in England, but it has become very popular in India over the past few decades. Today, fantasy cricket is one of the most popular online games in India, and has made fantasy cricket apps among the most downloaded ones in the country’s app stores. Although it’s not quite clear when fantasy cricket originated, there are some references to it dating back to the 1990s on the internet. Today, however, it has become incredibly popular with thousands of Indians participating in fantasy cricket leagues across different cities and states across India.

How Fantasy Cricket is Different From Other Sports

One significant difference is that you don’t need to watch live matches and keep score—everything is done through a fantasy cricket app. The biggest provider in India, Dream11, allows users to create teams for ten different leagues and tournaments with minimal effort. Each day, users pick a team from a lineup given and they score points based on how their players perform over the next 24 hours. While scoring points can be as simple as picking high-scoring batsmen or bowlers, there are other strategies for creating teams that win week after week. To rise above your opponents, it helps to know exactly how fantasy cricket works…

What Exactly is Fantasy Cricket?

If you’re not familiar with fantasy cricket, there are two key elements that should be mentioned. First, fantasy cricket is an online game where players compete against each other through virtual teams. Second, these teams are typically made up of real players. Each player has a specific value based on their perceived ability and a total pool of money is allocated to each fantasy league. The more accurate your predictions, the better chance you have to win money! To play fantasy cricket is simple: You create or join a league with a prize pool you’re comfortable playing for and then draft your team from a pool of pre-selected players based on their expected performance.

Why People Play Fantasy Cricket

It’s getting more popular because it gives fans a reason to be even more invested than they already are. For example, let’s take cricket—the game is already exciting, but players often play for multiple teams, which means it’s hard to develop a true allegiance. However, fantasy sports provide a way for fans to invest their emotions and money into one team, rather than letting their emotions be spread out across multiple squads. It also helps connect casual fans with those who follow professional sports all year round. In fact, those playing fantasy football often end up becoming lifelong NFL fans. That same phenomenon is probably happening with fantasy cricket as well.

How to Start Playing Fantasy Cricket

For fantasy cricket users, one app they often turn to is Cricbuzz. The fantasy cricket game offered by Cricbuzz is free to play, and includes all popular domestic tournaments like Indian Premier League (IPL), T20 Blast (England), Big Bash League (Australia) and others. To create a team on their website, you simply need to choose nine players from different teams for your XI. Points are assigned according to how many runs each player scores or wickets he takes. Based on these points your team can earn 1st, 2nd or 3rd position wins; extra bonus points are also awarded for bowling or batting performance. All these details can be viewed live via their Live Tab.

How can use fantasy cricket app 

Fantasy cricket is a type of online fantasy sports game where players customize a team from real-life cricketers and pit them against other teams. The points generated by each player’s team are based on various statistical categories such as runs scored, wickets taken and so on. These points accumulate as matches progress to determine who wins at season’s end. Fantasy cricket can be played for free or for cash, with substantial prizes going to those who have well-balanced teams that perform consistently over a long period of time. This guide will help you get started playing fantasy cricket.

Why are Fantasy cricket raising in India 

Fantasy cricket is a variant of traditional cricket, where players construct a squad from a budget and compete against other players to accumulate points based on statistical performance. Over time, it’s evolved to include many different types of leagues for different skill levels and preferences. Here are just three fantasy cricket variants that have been gaining ground in recent years: Women’s Fantasy Cricket in india : Women’s fantasy cricket began as just an informal side-event during men’s competitions, but has slowly gathered momentum over time. In recent years, many women’s competitions have started up alongside their male counterparts.