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Find the best app development team for you – A step-by-step process

An app is only as good as its development staff. So, before you decide to create an app for your company, put together a solid app development team.

That little phrase, however, conceals layers and volumes of extensive research and deliberate conclusions. Where do you even begin when putting together an app development team? Where can you discover app development experts with technical expertise, business acumen, and management savvy? Who and how many team members are required? There are many unanswered questions. Let’s get some answers.

Putting together an Mobile App Development Company in Ohio team is a process. Every procedure has stages and steps. So, let’s break down the process of assembling an incredible app development team and provide you with a step-by-step approach to identifying the proper individuals, bringing them together, and completing the task!

The People in an App Development Team


·        Project Manager

·        UI/UX Designer

·        iOS/ Android Developers

·        Backend Developer

·        QA Engineer


Depending on the size and complexity of your app, you may require additional developers or designers. However, a basic app development team must include the following individuals:

Project Supervisor


A project manager can be compared to the conductor of a thrilling opera or the oil of a well-oiled machine. A project manager serves as the primary point of contact for the development team and clients. The project manager serves as a vital point of contact between the developers/designers and you, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Some of the essential roles of a project manager include:

·        Understanding your project’s unique requirements and communicating them to the development team so that everyone is on the same page

·        Assigning duties, roles, and obligations to each team member Serving as the team’s primary communication connection

·        Maintaining your development expenditures inside your budget

·        Making any necessary adjustments to the initial Mobile App Development Los Angeles plan

·        Managing Problems and Risks

·        Maintaining quality while meeting deadlines


With such a diverse range of functions and responsibilities, it goes without saying that a project manager must be an exceptional leader with strong communication, people skills, time management, critical thinking, diplomacy, and innovation.

The project manager must also be knowledgeable about project management approaches such as Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban, and others. It is also essential to be comfortable with project management systems such as Team Gantt, Asana, and Confluence.

Interview questions to ask a project manager


So, when you’re looking for a project manager for your app, here are some questions you should ask to truly assess their talents and capabilities as a project manager:

·        What is your position as a project manager defined as?

·        What is your management style?

·        Have you ever worked on a project that failed to fulfill the time and budget constraints?

·        Tell us about your favorite and least favorite projects.

·        When an issue emerges, how do you escalate it?

·        What project management tools and techniques do you employ?

·        How do you handle team disagreements?

·        Have you ever experienced scope creep? How did you manage it?

·        How do you deal with underperformers on your team?

·        Tell us about your most recent project.


A project manager’s knowledge and confidence in answering these questions will help you evaluate if she/he is a good fit for your app development project.

User Interface/UX Designer


Once you’ve hired a project manager, you’ll need a designer to help you envision how your app will look and feel once it’s completed. You’ll need a designer to create a prototype that you can demonstrate to potential investors. A designer is required to demonstrate your developers what they need to do. A designer is required to make your app seem attractive and your customers satisfied. Bottom line: you need a fantastic designer.

Of course, a competent designer creates a complex user experience that allows the offshore mobile app development company to achieve what your consumers need in the easiest way possible, with the fewest clicks required, while also looking amazing. The designer is the one who adds magic to your app’s functioning, from concise and easy navigation to engaging and pleasant colors, layouts, and micro-interactions.

A competent designer pays attention to your brief and develops appropriate user personas. Then, she or he creates the basic wireframes and user flows to show how the app transitions from screen to screen.

Then comes the building of an app prototype, which is one of the most important aspects of app development. A prototype is as close to seeing your app in action as you can get before writing a single line of code. You can use this prototype to demonstrate the value of your idea to potential investors. You can utilize the prototype to get preliminary user input that will assist you in making important adjustments and guiding the development process.

So, now that you understand how vital a UI/UX designer is to your app development team, here are some characteristics to look for when hiring an expert designer for your team:

Aesthetic sense and creative thinking

Proficiency in design tools such as Figma, InVision, and Sketch Current knowledge of UX research, wireframing, UI prototyping, and interaction design Some familiarity with coding to promote better coordination with development team Experience working on a variety of apps, at least some similar to yours

That portfolio may be the most valuable asset here, one that will finally help you decide if this is the perfect designer for your expert app development team. However, you should ask some probing questions to determine whether the designer is a suitable fit for your project. So here they are:

Questions to ask your UI/UX designer


·        How do you create user personas, and how do they influence your design?

·        What is one design problem you solved that benefited the user despite being scarcely visible?

·        What is your job in an app development team?

·        How do you ensure a seamless transition from design to development?

·        How do you address designer/developer differences for the benefit of the user as a whole?

·        What are the most important elements you consider while building for diverse types of users?


Those responses will provide you with enough information about the designer’s mind, inventiveness, and problem-solving abilities to determine whether he or she is the specialist you require for your app development team. After that, you can move on to the next critical component of your team –



Are the folks who bring all of the design and concepts to reality. They are the ones who master programming languages and write the code that allows the app to function.

For designing and releasing an app, the two major app platforms, iOS and Android, require different languages and technologies. This means that if you want to have both Android and iOS versions of your software, you’ll need two whole different development cycles. Both of these platforms have enormously large marketplaces, and venturing into either is a bad idea.

As a result, your team must include at least one iOS developer and one Android developer. You could choose to increase that number if your program is larger and more complex.

Alternatively, new technologies enable you to create a single app and distribute it on both iOS and Android, as well as other smaller platforms. If you take that path, you will need a developer who is skilled and knowledgeable in cross-platform technologies such as React and Flutter.

There are always some components that need to be created native to iOS or Android by a cross-platform developer to make the app more authentic. As a result, you may require a cross-platform developer with expertise of iOS and Android, as well as actual iOS and Android developers on your team.

As a result, you must recruit at least one Android and one iOS developer. You may also need to interview a cross-platform developer, but that’s a topic for another blog article. For the time being, here are the characteristics to search for in a professional developer for your app development team:

First and foremost, you will require a developer with extensive technical competence. He or she must have worked on a variety of projects, including at least some apps similar to yours.

Look for developers who have solid knowledge bases. This does not imply that you must exclusively recruit MIT software engineers. You might just as well hire a self-taught developer on the other end of the spectrum. Just keep in mind how highly they respect understanding of the fundamental principles of software development – languages, grammar, architectures, algorithms, and so on.

Other talents are just as crucial as technical expertise. Look for developers who enjoy tinkering and experimenting. Those who are ready to learn new things, try out novel ideas, and bring value to the project are the ones who distinguish a decent software from a fantastic one.

Seek out leaders. You require someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty. You require someone who thinks outside the box, looks for ways to improve things, writes more clearly, and increases efficiency.

Look for a staff player with a confident mindset. You could hire the class president with the magic fingers, but if they don’t have the appropriate mindset, they might not be what you’re looking for. You need a developer who is greedy to learn from mistakes, appeal with team members, and beautifully accept feedback.

Seek for folks who are enthusiastic about coding. Coding is difficult and requires a great deal of patience, ingenuity, and dedication. Without it, you’ll receive cookie-cutter solutions that will harm your app.

That is a large list of qualities to vet, but you need the proper individuals to establish a true team of professionals that can design a terrific app for your business.



That’s right, here is a complete guide to assembling the best app development team for your projects. Hiring app development specialists is a time-consuming process, but when done well, it may make or break your final product. So don’t skimp on your research and make sure you hire the correct personnel for the task.

After years of research and experience, Linkitsoft’s assembled its team of professionals. We’ve been working together for over a decade and have completed over 200 successful projects. Aside from excellent apps, do you know what else we’ve created? Wonderful partnerships! Contact us today to learn more about what our app development team can achieve for you.


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