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Learn How to get Online Food Delivery In Train at your seat

With Zoop, you can order delectable food in trains and have it delivered right to your seat anywhere in India from your favorite restaurants.

Using the Zoop website, mobile app, or toll-free phone number, you can make Online Food Delivery In Train in advance of your train trip.All you need to enter is your IRCTC-provided 10-digit PNR number, train name, or train number.

How to Use Zoop to Order Food for Trains.

On the top left corner of each ticket issued by IRCTC, a 10-digit PNR number is assigned to each passenger. Any customer who wants Railway Food Order Online through Zoop can do so by visiting our website or by downloading our e-catering app from the Google Play Store.

Check the list of restaurants and food available en route after entering the PNR number in the space provided.

Choose the restaurant and the food you want to order.

The chosen menu will be added to the cart, and a screen-based total bill will appear.

When you click the checkout button, the payment page will open.

Pay your bill online using a debit card, a credit card, internet banking, Paytm, PayUMoney, or a Freecharge wallet by choosing the appropriate payment gateway.

Select “Cash on Delivery” (COD) if you’d like to make a payment offline. No food booking or delivery fees will be assessed by Zoop.

Allow the train to pull up to the station platform while you sit back and unwind. At the berth that IRCTC has assigned for you, your ordered food package will be served.

How Can I Order Food From Zoop For My Train?

The three methods listed below are available when using Zoop for Online Food Delivery In Train.

web page for Zoop.

App for Zoop.

Contact information for Zoop is 8102202203.

Zoop allows you to order food for your train at least one hour before it leaves your boarding station.

Online Train Food Delivery from Reputable Restaurants with 2000 Food Partners.

Zoop makes it easy to place Online Railway Food Order for takeout food to be delivered to your train. Anywhere in India you travel by train, you can eat delectable, sanitary, and fresh food.

More than 2000 restaurants that adhere to strict standards for food quality and hygiene and have received approval from the FSSAI work with Zoop.

With the help of the Zoop train food ordering app, you can now create your own menu online, have it delivered to your seat inside the train, and decide whether to pay online or in cash when it arrives.

Zoop train food coupons can also be used to receive discounts when paying.

Delivering food in 7000 trains throughout India.

The Online Food Delivery In Train service is provided by Zoop in more than 7000 trains throughout India.

No matter which popular IRCTC trains you take—the Superfast Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, Tejas, Double-Decker trains, or other trains with or without pantry cars—you can order food from Zoop’s partner restaurants to be delivered to you in the train.

450 railway stations across India offer online food ordering in trains.

In more than 450 stations across India, including the main railway stations, Indian Railway Food Order is delivered by train.

They include New Delhi (NDLS), Mumbai (BCT), Kolkata (KOAA), Chennai (MAS), Ahmedabad (ADI), Agra (AGC), Allahabad (PRYJ), Bhopal (BPL), Gorakhpur (GKP), Gwalior (GWL), Hajipur (HJP), Itarsi (ET), Jaipur (JP), Jhansi (JHS), Jodhpur (JU), Kanpur (CNB), Katni (.

While traveling anywhere in India, you can choose food from your native cuisine or opt for your favorite food item. Traveling from any Indian railway station, enjoy your favorite “Khana” in the train.

Download the best app for ordering food in trains, Zoop.

One of the best apps for IRCTC Online Food Delivery In Train is Zoop. The Zoop App offers a wide selection of restaurant fare while traveling. The Zoop app is available for free download from the iOS store or Google Play store.

You don’t even need internet access while traveling because it functions in offline mode.

You need not worry if you are planning a long or short trip because Zoop will serve you high-quality food at your IRCTC-reserved seat in trains. As you place a food order through Zoop, just relax and enjoy the ride.

What Advantages Are There to Using Zoop to Place a Train Food Order?

Order food delivery to your reserved train seat with IRCTC at your convenience.

Affordable train food with high standards of hygiene.

Get Online Railway Food Order Delivery to your seat, which is always fresh and delicious.

numerous food options available in trains.

If you don’t get your food because the train didn’t arrive, you can get a refund.

Discounts on large orders for train travel in groups.

Food will deliver on time to the IRCTC seat you have reserve.

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