The Best Brand PS of Sweden for the Style Connoisseurs

We have a variety of products for you. We have many varieties of riding accessories for the riders like riding wear, leisurewear, horse riding boots, footwear. We also have horse wear, horse rugs, horse boots and wraps, horse care, horse tracks, grooming tools, feed, and breeding. You will also get horse-themed toys and gifts, Christmas gift ideas, and crafty ponies. We also keep dog’s toys, beds for dogs, dogs’ collar and lead, dogs grooming, dogs first aid, dogs mat, and many other things for your dog, equestrian clearance.

Best of Accessories

You can buy your required products from Ps of Sweden. Many of you love riding but to make your ride safe you need some safety accessories as well as riding accessories. The helmet is necessary when you are riding. Especially when a kid is riding helmet is much necessary, we have champion junior pro plus skull helmet it’s a light helmet and has a safe injection-molded ABS shell in it and the lining is specially designed for kids. We also have helmets for young riders which are Charles Owen’s young rider jockey skull. It’s available in standard and round shape. It’s a classic style hat which is a great and new ventilated model. It’s also light in weight and slim looking helmet. This helmet has a trendy and fashionable look. It also has great safety and has a black ventilated look.

Perfect Riding Look

When you are riding you need that appropriate rider look? Many of you like wearing denim, so we have got the perfect denim breeches for you. Ellie is a pair of jeans that is comfortable and has fashionable look created for riding. You will look best while riding; you can also wear this denim anywhere. These jeans have a washed look and have a slim fit look to bring an ultimate shape. This pant has elastic ankles with compression material that triggers the blood flow and increases the delivery of oxygen which reduces the build-up of lactic acid during your ride. All of our clothes are down-free and environmentally friendly.

Having the Rubber Reins

Rubber reins are paired with top-quality leather for a secure and cozy grip. The rubber reins have elastic cradle which is made with plastic, it offers the horse a softer contact between mouth and hand. If your horse prefers reins without a cradle, you’ll easily remove it by detaching the cradle. The martingales stopper has the emblem of our company. You’ll also get a fly hat with an elastic ear; it’s made of stretchable breathable and quick-dry material. The elastic fabric makes the fly hat acceptable of all types of horse. It also transports moisture and sweats away during the ride. The fly has a perfect classy look, crouched bottom, double piping. The lower part of the hat is covered up with shiny and dart removable material.

Products of Your Choice

We have many variants on every product. We always fulfill our customer’s needs with our good quality of products. We have great reviews of our products from all of our clients. You can purchase your riding accessories, boots and many other things from our company. We always provide the best quality products for you.