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Why Guest Blogging is Worst Link building Strategy

Guest blogging is an essential form of content marketing. By using this SEO technique, the marketers write the blog posts and share these blog posts on third-party websites. With the help of guest posting, link building strategy they can promote their personal or corporate brands and get the links. It is also the best way to promote your brand before the relevant audience. That’s why it has become an effective way to create awareness about your brand among the targeted audience. Anyhow, you should do it carefully. If you don’t do it carefully, Google can penalize your website. Nowadays, some experts are saying that guest blogging is the worst link building strategy. Here, we will discuss why guest blogging is the worst link building strategy.

It is an Expensive Method to Get Links:

If you will generate the best quality backlinks by following the best guest blogging techniques, it is an expensive method to get links. To write the guest posts, the website owners have to hire writers. These writers don’t try to provide something unique to the audience members. They try to rewrite the existing content. On the other hand, if the website owner tries to write the blog post himself, he tries to provide something unique and interesting to the readers. When he will share well-researched content, he can easily get a higher ranking in the search engines. To write these kinds of posts, they have to hire specialist writers.

 If they hire a specialist writer to write the guest posts, they have to pay a huge amount. Its reason is that the expert writer has to spend enough time to write something unique. When he will spend more time creating something unique, he will charge more. The expert writers spend almost four hours to create a unique blog post. After spending enough time generating something unique, they will charge a higher final price for it. When these specialist writers share the best quality content, copywriters tweak the content. They can’t make their blog posts useful and insightful for the search engines. That’s why most of the best quality websites don’t accept these kinds of guest posts.

The Best Quality Blogs Don’t Allow to Insert Links:

If you want to get backlinks by using guest blogging, you should also be ready for this fact. When you will go to share guest posts on the best quality websites, they can reject your blog posts. If they accept your blog posts, they don’t allow inserting links in the most important pages. Most of the SEO experts have to share the links of their products and services in the guest posts. The website owners think that these links will not provide any value to their audience. They believe that you are sharing guest posts just to get backlinks and you don’t have any interest to make it intriguing for the readers. When these websites don’t allow you to insert links to your products and services, guest blogging will not provide value to your business website.

You May Get Low-Quality Backlinks:

As an SEO professional, you know the importance of the best quality backlinks for your website. According to SEO experts, one best quality backlink is better than several low-quality backlinks. If you are just relying on getting the backlinks from guest posts, you try to share lots of guest posts on different websites. As a result, you don’t try to differentiate between the best quality websites and low-quality websites. This thing may become the cause of generating low-quality backlinks for your website. After getting the low-quality backlinks, you may observe a decline in your ranking instead of improvement.

No-Follow Attribution in the Links:

Now, the problem is that Google doesn’t like manual links building. Google allows websites to get natural links. Anyhow, Google has not imposed restrictions on guest posting. That’s why Google has provided a general recommendation that website owners should use no-follow attribution in the links of the guest posts. When these websites add ‘no-follow’ attribution in the links, these links will not provide any value to your website. Its reason is that these kinds of links will not deliver authority to your website. Nowadays, Google’s algorithms are well-trained. They can easily identify the guest posting links. After identifying the guest posting links, Google devalues these links. As a result, these links don’t contribute to enhancing the ranking of your website.

It is a Social Proof Than Building Links:

As told by a dissertation help firm, there are two ways to write guest posts. First, you can spend your valuable time writing the guest posts. Secondly, you can get the services of expert writers to write guest posts. In both cases, it is an expensive method to generate backlinks for your website. Moreover, you will not get the best quality backlinks from valuable websites. In other words, we can say that to get links for the strategic pages is almost impossible. As a result, you will have to share the posts on low-quality websites. As we have discussed earlier, if you are getting backlinks from low-quality websites, it will not provide any value to your website. Anyhow, by sharing the guest posts, you can present your brand to an audience in a better way. That’s why we have said it as social proof.

In the above-mentioned points, I have told about the disadvantages of blogging. From these points, you will get the idea that guest posting has no real value. You will also know that if you will share the guest posts, it will increase the awareness of your brand. Now, most of the website owners are confused about the guest posting. Anyhow, if you want to get real value from the guest posts, you will have to keep in mind some essential points. First, you should optimize your guest posts to rank higher in the search engines. Secondly, you should also promote the old guest posts. Thirdly, you should infuse credibility in the guest posts. At last, you should create content for blog posts by keeping in mind long term strategy.

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